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tell me that you love me more.
a feeling never dies.
oh hai 
16th-Oct-2011 02:13 am
Remember when I used to update this like 3 times a day?

I miss that. 

I was just thinking about the rain and how much I like it. Especially in a train. window seat, train, ipod, rain. Perfect combination. 
Add in some fall colors and shit is beautiful. 

I am going on a business trip in two weeks and I chose to fly out instead of the train, and I regret it a bit. I mean it takes longer for sure, but fuck if it isn't pretty. 

I am going to write more. I need to write more. I miss feeling emptied after writing something out. 
Now whenever I try and do anything, I just get bored/distracted halfway through and can't deal with it anymore. 

let's see if I can keep this shit up. 
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