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tell me that you love me more.
a feeling never dies.
this is stupid 
31st-Jan-2011 12:54 am
so you know when people are like, "I can't tell him/her how I feel because I don't want to risk the friendship"
so smart.
I used to be that way. I used to have brains, and common sense.
and then I guess in the breakdown, I lost it. 
I was stupid.
I 've been stupid a couple times, but only once it bit me in the ass.

I have to promise myself never to be that stupid again.
Right now, I need to remind myself of that.
Because this stomach butterfly thing that I have going on... it's not good.
This melty feeling that I recently developped
is fucked.

I'm fucked.
But can't literally be.
31st-Jan-2011 01:42 pm (UTC)
but sometimes we just have to be stubid, it's how it goes baby♥.
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